The First Five Nerve-Racking Minutes Of Spirits Of Xanadu

A derelict spaceship, homicidal robots and the most ear-piercing sound a video game can produce, all in the first five minutes of Night Dive Studios' Spirits of Xanadu.


Spirits of Xanadu is a first-person action adventure game that has many early reviewers name-checking the classic System Shock, so I went into the game expecting some severe head-fuckery couple with sci-fi action. I was not disappointed. I'm also quite fond of tape decks and 3.5 inch floppy disks in space, so there's another win.

From the game's Steam page:

At the farthest edge of the explored universe, the research ship Xanadu slumbers in orbit around a mysterious planet. Her systems remain active but there has been no message from her crew for months. Now a lone operative has been sent to wake the Xanadu and bring her home to Earth.

Spirits of Xanadu is an atmospheric exploration game set aboard a deserted starship in an alternate 1980s. It draws inspiration from classic sci-fi films, novels, and games to create an immersive and highly interactive environment, featuring puzzles and FPS elements in the service of a unique and layered plot.

This game opens nine years and eleven months after my birth, only we've launched tape cassette recorders into space. I was born in the wrong reality.

The First Five is the first five minutes of a game with light commentary. Once the five minutes are up, so are we.



I think I'm getting hooked on these first 5's keep em up. Also as suggestion, in the beggining when you say who your are and identify the game being shown, it'd be cool if you also named the system your playing it on, because alot of these have been brand new to me