What's Your Worst PC Gaming Story?

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It's possible to love something so much, even if it sometimes frustrates the crap out of you. Take PC gaming, for example.


PC gamers have it good. The PC is easily the best single platform for playing video games; you get the cheapest, best-looking versions of the big-budget blockbusters, a vast collection of classic games, and a near-endless selection of cutting-edge, experimental indie stuff. There are few things in gaming are as rewarding as building your own gaming PC, and the satisfaction of customizing every little detail of the thing you use to play video games.


But as great as that all is, PC gaming has no shortage of unique frustrations. Malfunctioning hardware, stressful installations, unoptimized games, and annoying, mandatory DRM platforms.

Sometimes, the best way to cope is to share. What's the most maddening thing you've ever had to suffer through for PC gaming? What was the thing that made you question why you even bother? Share your stories below.

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Most of them involve some sort of frustrating technical issues. Plenty of those!

Which is why I'm a console gamer nowdays. It's just easier. Everything simply works.