If You See Ganon On Tinder, You've Gotta Swipe Right

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You never know what you might find when you're looking for love.

Twitter user @siegvat was poking around Tinder when they came across an interesting fellow...

Here's how Ganon's profile reads:

"Looking for a princess that makes me Tingle. Horses Minions Fear mongering Killing sages Toppling kingdoms Transforming into horrible monsters I don't do dick picks...but I do sword pics 7'6"


Yeah, that sounds about right.

What's he up to, anyway?

"I'm mostly tied up with diplomatic talks. It's easier when they surrender but more fun when they don't. The discussion is terribly dry though. I'm tindering under the table."


A social network has reached a tipping point when people start roleplaying on it, and Tinder's made it. Congratulations, Tinder!


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Makes my shop contest entry all the better.