A Video Game Has Launched A Service Called Killstagram

If my most anticipated big-budget video game this year is Bloodborne, my most anticipated indie video game might be Superhot. As part of an alpha version of the time manipulation shooter going out to backers, Killstagram is also a thing now. Admit it: it's a clever name.


The game jam version of Superhot, which is still playable over here, you moved through a few tight corridors. In case you're not familiar, in Superhot, time only moves forward when you move forward. Otherwise, everything is perfectly still. So you can line up a shot and fire it, but the bullet won't travel towards its destination until you start moving in some direction. Things get even weirder with VR involved, letting you to literally sidestep bullets by moving your head.

Anyway, Superhot's developers asked for $100,000 to flesh out their game jam idea, and players showered them with a little over $250,000. It's supposed to be done this summer.


What showed up on YouTube yesterday was 11 minutes of the game's Endless Mode, which works as described: you're fighting off waves and waves of enemies until you finally die.

The video showcases a new weapon in the form of a shotgun, which has a nice little kick to it, and it's possible to throw items in the environment at your attackers to temporarily stun them.


Truth be told, I'm more interested in playing whatever story they come up with than fighting through another variation on horde mode, but I'll take whatever Superhot I can get right now.

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Killstagram is a clever name? Was that sarcasm or a genuine comment?