A Survival Game Where You Get To Play As The Dinosaurs

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Finally, my life-long fantasy of hunting dinosaurs as a T-Rex can come true.

Check out Saurian: Hell Creek. It's in the early stages of development right now, with some placeholder elements and temporary assets in the footage above, but it still sounds pretty exciting:

We are Saurian, an independent game project who's goal is to provide the most captivating dinosaur experience ever developed for commercial gaming by recreating the Hell Creek ecosystem of 66 million years ago through the Unity 3D Game engine, giving the player the first true chance to live like a dinosaur.


Saurian is an open world survival game where you get to play as the dinosaur. According to the developer, Tomozaurus, you can go through different life stages of a dinosaur in the game. And yes, you'll have to avoid predators and all the environmental stuff that comes with living in the prehistoric era. Sounds great to me!

You can follow the game's development here.



Oculus Rift support so I can finally live my dream of becoming a dinosaur?