The Most Popular Current-Gen Game Console, According To Facebook

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While sales numbers are the tried and true method of calculating the most successful video game console in a generation, on Facebook everything's a popularity contest, and the most popular console in the U.S. is the Xbox One.


The folks at the Movoto Real Estate Blog counted up the Facebook "likes" received by each of the three current-gen consoles — PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U — sorted them by state, and put it all together into this handy color-coded map of the United States.

The Xbox One secures the most electoral votes, coming out on top in 22 states, compared to the PlayStation 4's 19. Nine states were tied between the two. The Wii U didn't win a single one, racking up less than half the likes of its two competitors in each of the fifty states.


What does it all mean? In the grand scheme of things, not much. Perhaps the Xbox One's heavy focus on being an all-in-one entertainment solution perked the ears of more Facebook-savvy consumers. Or Wii U players are too busy socializing on the system itself to toss Nintendo a virtual thumbs-up. It's just a fun little exercise, resulting in a green, blue and beige map.

Hit up the link for more numbers from Movato's Facebook study.

These Are The Most Liked Video Game Consoles In Every State [Movato]

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