No New Wing Commander Games? Let's Remake The Music Instead.

Illustration for article titled No New emWing Commander/em Games? Lets Remake The Music Instead.

Here's a Kickstarter that's speaking directly to both my 14 and 33 year-old self: composer George Oldziey is looking for the money to go back and re-record a bunch of Wing Commander music, and this time do it right.


Oldziey composed the score to games like Wing Commander III & IV, with III's theme particularly iconic, at least to this space sim veteran. The sad thing is that, given the technical limitations of PC games at the time, his arrangements have only ever been recorded as midi files.

So Oldziey wants $35,000 to record "a 9 1/2 minute suite of music from Wing Commander 3 and 4 featuring a full 80 piece orchestra and 40 voice choir". If he hits that goal, since he's already paid for the orchestra to get set up, he can add a lot more music for not much extra cash.


Wing Commander Music Orchestral Recording Project [Kickstarter]

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Star Citizen isn't technically Wing Commander but the single player campaign portion of it shares a lot of it's elements. A spiritual successor you could say.