Unboxing...Wing Commander III

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Thinking back to Wing Commander III's manual the other day persuaded me to take a trip to my parent's house over the weekend, and pick up my old copy of the game. And not just pick it up. Open it.

Opening it I found it to be even more awesome than I remember, so I quickly shut it again and thought: "Let's unbox it together! Like it was 1994!"


You'll see I take very good care of my video games when they star Mark Hamill, have a letter saying "Attn: Lord British" on it and come with a book saying the Kilrathi are essentially enormous Imperial Japanese pussy cats.

And just look at those system specs! Frightening.

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One of my all time favorites even to this day. I have a pretty serious WC collection myself, including the WC3 Premier Edition and WC1&2 boxes signed by Chris Roberts. Such a great series of games.