Here's The First Proper Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer

Who cast John C. Reilly in this? Whoever it was, they did good work.

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I dunno, man...

I can't help but think that this will be the movie that is just too much, and ends Marvel's run. They have too many characters in their, and the Guardians of the Galaxy is hardly a well known book too.

I'm a big fan of cosmic Marvel, but I just don't have any faith that this movie will be anything but a mess. I would like to be wrong. The casting looks good, but still, there's a whole lot going on in there.

I also just found out why Ronan is in it. I though they were biting of even more, by having him in there, but it seems they're going for the Ultimate version. That makes sense, but it's also disappointing, too. Especially if this is how they're linking this movie with Thanos.

I was pumped when it was first announced, but I haven't seen anything or heard anything to build up the hype which I have lost. Still, I really hope it's at least a decent movie.