Sometimes the world isn't very adorable. If only it looked a bit more like this! You know, like it were filled with teddy bears.

As recently noted by Korea Realtime, South Korea's Jeju Island is home to all sorts of interesting museums.

There's a sex museum, a computer museum, and a teddy bear museum, which features teddy bear versions of famous works of art and celebrities.

The result is d'aww:

Vincent Van Gogh.

Mona Lisa.

The Creation of Adam.

The Fifer by Manet.


The Beatles.



The Berlin Wall.

Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times.

The King.


The Terracotta Army.

The Lunar Landing.


The Last Supper.

There are more images in the links below. Have a look—if you can stand the cuteness.


Photos: Hardworking Bees, 안다의 별볼일 있는 여행이야기, Nate, chochi55555, ojm10151, D_S2_Y, Wow!, 이것저것 리뷰 월드, Digipine, Lovely Pipikkongju, JejuTourMaker, Chun World, 7WayJeju, Chulinbone, jagnikh, aeya

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