This week, a gentleman—no, a hero—named Zhao Ming dressed up as Predator and proposed to his girlfriend at a bar in Changchun, China.

According to China News and CRI (via ShanghaiIst), his unsuspecting girlfriend, named Zhu Wenjing, entered the bar and was suddenly surrounded by seven individuals dressed as Star Wars characters, Bumblebee from Transformers and even a StarCraft Marine and a Medic. Heck, there was even a Protoss High Templar cosplayer.

Zhao Ming wanted to think of a novel way to propose to his girlfriend and roped in his friends to help. Well, he certainly did that!

One of the cosplayers, dressed as Predator, kneeled down before her with a bouquet of flowers. He took off his mask, revealing her boyfriend of four years. He produced a ring, produced a ring, and she said yes. Better than saying, "You're one... ugly motherfucker!"

Congrats to the couple! We wish them wedded bliss.

长春市民扮"铁血战士"率"变形金刚"求婚 []

Predator Proposal in Changchun [CRI via ShanghaiIst]

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