The Year in Kotaku 'Shop Contests

If you're not following the Kotaku 'Shop Contest, you're missing on one of the longest-running features here, all of it created by readers. This week's contest was an encore of 2013's 10 best subjects, and multiple contest finalist Docherty submitted this outstanding montage capturing all of them (and more) together.


If this was an animated .gif, no way it would fit into our file-size restriction, so Docherty slid around that requirement by making it into a YouTube video. It would be unfair to the others still working on their 'shops to summarily declare this the winner right now. But we can give it special treatment, while acknowledging its profound, lasting contribution to our culture.

That would be this image: The even-more disappointed face of NBA Live's Kyrie Irving morphing into Vladimir Putin, at 0:21.

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Happy New Year, everybody.

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Yowza! I almost forgot to enter.

Shop Contest is easily one of my favorite parts of Kotaku. It's pushed me to become a much better shopper!