Here at Kotaku East, we're all about stories. Whether it's amazing, cool, weird, or hilarously stupid, if our Eastern friends have a story to share, we make sure to tell you all about it. And this year certainly had more than enough tales of all four types.

What follows is just a small sample of what Kotaku East brought you in 2013.

Call Lando, Beijing Is Cloud City

Most Chinese cities have problems with smog, and sometimes it gets bad enough to inspire comparisons to Bespin. Or Silent Hill. Or Blade Runner's Los Angeles. You get the picture.

Meet Some of Japan's Stupidest Twitter Users

Keep in mind, not all Japanese Twitter users are stupid. These people, however, are. Extremely stupid.

A Brief History of North Korean Photoshops

North Korea and doctored photos go hand in hand. Here, we have a look at some of the most outstanding examples.

Why Sony Fans Are Called "Cockroaches" in Japan

Or rather, GKs. It's complicated. Let us explain.

Latest Japanese Schoolgirl Trend: Fake Dragon Ball Attacks

One of the more creative photo fads to come out of Japan. These must be fun to make.

How a Bill Gates Handshake Caused Controversy in South Korea

Manners! In South Korea, they're serious business. Heck, they're serious business everywhere, especially when you're dealing with a President.

Why Many in China Hate Iron Man 3's Chinese Version

The Chinese version of Iron Man 3 has a few bonus scenes not available elsewhere. It's also kind of insultingly stupid.

The World of Japanese Husband Salaries

If you're married in Japan, you receive okozukai—pocket money. Basically, it's a second salary you get from your wife.

No, China, Master Chief's Battle Suit Is Not Real

Hilarity ensues when a military propaganda show on Chinese TV mistakes Master Chief's iconic outfit for actual U.S. military concept armor.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics Were Predicted Thirty Years Ago by Akira

Technically, it was the 2020 Neo-Tokyo Olympics. It still counts!

Meet China's Photoshop Trolls

Don't ask Chinese netizens to touch up photos for you. Just don't. Unless you're looking for some laughs instead of actual results, in which case, go ahead.

Man Opens Nazi Cafe, Baffled that It Pisses People Off

Protip: if you want to open a World War II pop culture-themed café, don't fill it up with Nazi memorabilia. There has to be a balance.

Chinese Store Clerk Gives Zero F**ks About Being Robbed

I'm just surprised the robber never took her phone.

Why Xbox Fans Are Called “Gropers” in Japan

The story of how a mean nickname turned into a racial slur against Koreans. No, really.

Korea's Photoshop Trolls Make the Internet a Better Place

Want a few more laughs? Ask the netizens of Korea to "improve" your photos.

Japan Has More Than Just Square Watermelons. Way More.

Like bomb melons. Bomb melons are the best.

Hayao Miyazaki Called “Anti-Japanese,” a “Traitor,” and “Dim-Witted”

Political commentary in Miyazaki's latest film brings out the worst in Japan's netizens.

Why Nintendo Fans Are Called “Pigs” (and Some Other Things) in Japan

Pigs, babies, pregnant people (?!), same thing.

Man Unsuccessfully Smuggles a Turtle in a Hamburger

I just feel sorry for the turtle.

In Japan, You Can Visit the Totoro House. For Real.

Yes, they've actually built a full-scale replica. There's a 45-minute tour!

These Are China's Watermelon Kids

It's embarrassing childhood pictures taken to an art form. They'll be so glad to see these once they're older.

Japanese University Makes Special Forever Alone Dining Tables

They're popular with students—I can see why.

Thailand's Anime Censorship Sure Is Strict

Swimsuits are the scourge corrupting today's youth.

China's Military Says Pacific Rim Is American Propaganda

The People's Liberation Army might be a tad oversensitive. Just a tad.

Keiji Inafune Is Taking Your Questions Right Now

A community heart-to-heart with the creator of Mega Man—mostly about his new game, Mighty No. 9.

China's Embarrassing Childhood Photos

Remember what I said about embarrassing childhood pictures? Yeah, these are way worse.

Stop-Motion Animator Spent Four Years Making His Dream Come True

30 minutes of stop-motion bliss, all done by a single person from Japan. Amazing.

North Korea Still Sucks at Photoshop

Still not convinced that North Korea is the king of bad photoshops? Here's another example to convince you.

Introducing Japanese "Wine" for, Uh, Cats

Keep in mind when buying these that drunk cats are a lot more likely to send embarrassing texts to exes.

Check Out China's Ridiculous Guidelines For Chinese Travelers

Why the hell would tourists attack random animals? Why would anyone?

Wrong about Japan and Sex

Japan is a-ok on the sex front. There's babies and everything. No need to worry.

How Sony's Hometown Studio Rose From the Ashes In Time for the PS4

The story of the legendary Sony Japan Studio, which developed memorable classics like Shadow of the Colossus and Ape Escape.

Katy Perry's Geisha Act Being Called "Racist"

Mixing the clothing styles of two countries? You are an awful person, Katy Perry. For shame.

South Korea's New Internet Trend? Dinner Porn.

Looking at these just makes me hungry.

Japan's Manga-Hating Domestic Terrorist Allegedly Caught

The tale of one (possibly insane) man's vendetta against the creator of Kuroko's Basketball.

That should be mostly it for 2013, folks. Look forward to lots more weird and wonderful stories next year!


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