Video Games Charity Raises Over $10 Million

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That's not a typo. That's ten million dollars.

Gaming for Good, a charity established and fronted by celebrity gamer Bachir Boumaaza, aka Athene, has this week passed the significant milestone. At time of writing the group's tally stands at $10,035,284.


If you've never come across Gaming For Good before, it works like this: developers and publishers donate games to the charity. Regular folks donating money to get points. The more they donate, the more points they get. Those points can then be spent on the donated games. So in one way they're really just buying games, but instead of the money going to publishers, it's going to a good cause.


Some of the titles on offer include indie hits Papers Please and Gone Home, while there are also some bigger games as well, like Metro: Last Light, Tomb Raider and Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Money raised is going to the international charity Save The Children, where it can be used on health programs in Malawi, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

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I only believe in the common science of what makes a person good when the act is done through the heart and not for the purpose of building their fame and getting more recognition.