As mentioned an hour ago, this week's 'Shop Contest is being judged by none other than the subject himself: Jarod, who cosplayed South Park's "NWBZPWNER" at Blizzcon a week ago. He has a critique for five of you, but gives his overall No. 1 to adrianssons!

Remarks of the Judge:

1st Place: adrianssons

"This man is a genius and he should be using his awesome mental powers to better mankind, not making me look fucking epic. I applaud you, and I want to put this image on a T-shirt and wear it. Kudos, adrianssons. You just won the game."

2nd Place: sciteach

"It may not be the right time and it might not be the right one, but there's something about this I have to say: Cramming my head into Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo's helmet is a feat I thought even photoshop was incapable of. Kudos, sciteach"

3rd Place: sauce1977

I believe this is an Illuminati reference, not sure. [Editor's note: It's Skull and Bones at Yale, so, close.] But it does look clandestine and akin to the protagonist cabal in my favorite anime, so that scored points. Also making me the leader scored points. Love the old-timey black and white images. Good job, sauce1977.

Runners Up:

Bixby: Very clever idea. There's no place like PWN.

HarvesterZERO: You went for the easy joke, but you lucked out because— UH UH UH YOU DIDN'T SAY THE MAGIC WORD.

Thanks, Jarod! Here's the rest of the showcase!




Eight-Bit Generation










Thanks to everyone who entered. We'll be back tomorrow with another hilarious 'Shop Contest!


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