Meet Broly. He's allegedly a member of the Knights Templar Cartel. Maybe make that "was." He might have been killed or captured. But one thing for sure, this guy sure snapped lots of selfies.

According to website Vice (via Borderland Beat and Kotaro), Mexican drug cartels dig their social media and are using it for PR purposes. For example, until earlier this year the Knights Templar had a Facebook page with over ten thousand likes and filled with supportive messages. Facebook, however, shut down the page.


Then, there are the alleged Mexican drug runners who like to use social media to brag, whether that's showing off money, guns, or drugs:

And as Vice points out, then there's Broly, who seems to have been rather prolific in the selfie department. In sheer selfie output, he looks to be quite different from other cartel members—most of which probably don't want their faces plastered all over the internet.

Broly is hardly camera shy.

Many of his pics are him pouting with guns. The whole thing is rather surreal and disturbing.

There are also photos showing Broly was injured badly, and perhaps tortured. He could have been killed or captured, and these photos might have been uploaded after his demise. Some online, however, say he's still alive. If so, he's probably posing for pics. That, or grooming.

メキシコの麻薬カルテル構成員、ブロリー・バンデラスさんのFacebookがオープンすぎる [Kotaro Blog]


Photos: Vice, Borderland Beat, Hellboy, El Foro de Mexico, Noti Narco

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