Look here, you nasty pervert horndogs. Ken Levine has seen all that filthy porn people are making with Elizabeth, from BioShock Infinite, and he wants you to know That's Not Cool. "It's like coming across a picture of your daughter," he says.

The BioShock creator was in a Reddit AMA yesterday, responding to a fan joking that, with the upcoming Burial at Sea extension looking like film noir in tone, he expected future installments to "follow various genres such as Spaghetti Western and Romantic Comedy."

"It's going to be porn," Levine cracked. "Lots and lots of porn."

"Seriously, whoever is doing the Elizabeth porn on deviantart, please stop it," Levine said. "You're killing me.

"I die a little inside with every page view."

Reddit, being Reddit, was extremely receptive to this idea, calling out all of the other instances of BioShock porn that should not be gazed upon or consumed. Such as this guy, who pointed out there is an actual goddamn BioShock Porn subreddit everyone should not read. Or this guy, making a not-so-subtle pitch for his "erotic fanfiction of Booker and Elizabeth."


"Ken, Dont go to Tumblr, Deviantart, and also you know the SFM Models for Elizabeth? yeah, they finally made a naked version of elizabeth. and also CGI Porn Gifs," replied this dude. And some other helpful Redditors tossed in links to specific images that Ken doesn't want people to make or see, I guess as a warning. Thanks, guys, I'm sure he appreciates all that.

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