Speedcuber Lucas Etter was able to complete the Rubik’s Cube mind-blowingly fast. Solving it in 4.90 seconds is not just one of his bests so far but it’s a new world record.

And here’s footage of it, taken at River Hill Fall in Maryland. It basically takes longer for the kids around him to realize what happened than it took Lucas to solve the puzzle.

According to the official rules, the Cube is randomly scrambled by a computer program (everyone gets the same scramble) and competitors have 15 seconds to observe it before solving it. There are records for one-handed and blindfolded solves. It’s also possible to have five attempts, with the average of all but the fastest and the slowest attempts giving the final score. Under these tournament conditions, Lucas Etter’s “single solve” is an awesome new record.

You can also watch a slow-mo animation of all the steps over here (via r/cubers). It’s truly amazing.

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