12 Years Later, Forgotten RTS Classic Gets New Expansion

Everyone remembers Age of Empires and Age of Kings, but nobody ever talks about their spin-off sibling Age of Mythology (which I think is a better game!). Ah well. Maybe they will now, since the Steam re-release of the game is getting a brand new expansion.

Age of Myth—which was released in 2002—focused on three factions, based on the Old Gods of Greece, Egypt and the Vikings. It got an expansion a year later, introducing Atlantean stuff. Now, over a decade later, it’s getting another side to play as, as part of an expansion called Tale of the Dragon.


New, original content! For a game that came out in 2002! Awesome. Based on Chinese legend, Tale of the Dragon will add a nice change of scenery to the game, drawing on stories and heroes that may not be as familiar to a Western audience as Zeus and Odin.

Below is the trailer for the game’s Steam re-release, in case you haven’t seen the changes made by the new team looking after the series (they also put out the Age of Kings re-release).

(via RPS)

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