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12 Great Techniques For Dark Souls II's Multiplayer

Illustration for article titled 12 Great Techniques For emDark Souls II/ems Multiplayer

Beating bosses in Dark Souls II can be frustrating if you're a beginner, and playing against others is no different. Juutas on YouTube has a surprisingly well-edited clip, mostly for beginners, showing and explaining 12 techniques that are often used during PvP invasions.


Here's the full clip. Don't let the Xbox 360 controller confuse you, these tricks work with every version of the game.

Or, as an alternative, you can just dress up as an enemy and mess up everything.


12 Tips for Dark Souls 2 PvP [Juutas1988, YouTube]

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Another thing, don't cheese.

If your opponent bows to you before a fight(especially in a PvP area) then bow back, don't move in for the attack or cast a attack spell.




Don't heal