1000 Heroz Brings A Thousand Mini-Trials to Your iPhone

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1000 Heroz promises that you'll have something new to do on your iPhone or iPad for at least the next three years, updating daily with 1000 heroes, 1000 things to collect and 1000 quick bursts of physics based platforming.


Even if the raw numbers of 1000 Heroz don't wow you, perhaps the development pedigree will. This is an iOS game from RedLynx, the people who made the excellent physics-based stunt racer Trials HD. 1000 Heroz is not even remotely as challenging as that game, but it shares some of the same design sensibilities, with floaty, physics based racing, obstacle dodging, and an emphasis on besting one's personal times.

1000 Heroz is a side-scroller, a bite-sized daily race that lasts around 20 to 30 seconds per session, longer if you strive to score a gold star rating. The first 80 races, only a few of which are unlocked at this point in 1000 Heroz's life, focus on caveman racing to the finish line, attempting to grab coins along the way while sprinting and jumping for the most efficient time.


For a 99 cent iPhone game, it's difficult to argue with the value iOS gamers will get for the next three years. That said, 1000 Heroz is currently light on content, with not much to do other than engage in the handful of unlocked races currently available. It's also occasionally buggy. I've have my little cavemen get stuck on bridges and watched them float through the air when they should have fallen to their deaths. Hopefully, these bugs will be squashed by RedLynx as 1000 Heroz continues to add new content.

It's hard to recommend 1000 Heroz right now, even for a measly buck, but maybe later, when the game moves into another era, when the simplistic racing of this long-term platformer evolves a little bit more.

Illustration for article titled em1000 Heroz/em Brings A Thousand Mini-Trials to Your iPhone

1000 Heroz [iTunes]

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Im a regular on Kotaku Australia and LOVE this game. I sugget you also have a read of my reader review posted earlier this week ([www.kotaku.com.au]

Seriously a great game and I suggest you all go out and get this one. Also come down under every now and again to Kotaku AU and say hi!!!! Look for a thread called Talk amongst yourselves. All welcome. Great community.