100,000 Runes Of Magic Characters Created In One Day

Runes of Magic publisher Frogster has been overwhelmed by the response to their free-to-play MMORPG, with more than 100,000 characters were created within hours of the open beta launch on Monday.

Registrations for the game have now surpassed 220,000, 20,000 of which were created on Monday morning when the open beta launched. The population of Taborea quickly shot past 100,000 characters, who combined have played for more than 200,000 hours, completing 2 million quests in the process. The company was forced to open an addition game world on Monday afternoon to deal with the influx, with the global population now spread across seven different servers.


I know some of you folks were included in those figures. What do you think so far? Yay or nay?

Population of Taborea rises to 100.000 characters at the first day

Runes of Magic started successfully into open beta

Berlin, Dec. 17th 2008: The start of Runes of Magic’s open beta phase exceeded all expectations of publisher Frogster significantly. Over 100,000 characters were created in the first hours and are now populating the world of Taborea. Technically the start went smooth despite the heavy rush of players. Due to the high number of players, Frogster opened an additional game world on Monday afternoon. The international community now is spread over seven servers – even though Runes of Magic is only in the early stages of the open beta phase.

In the past few hours Frogster also noted a significant increase in registration numbers. Out of the total number of 220,000 registrations, more than 20,000 Accounts were created on Monday alone and immediately entered the game world: more than 2 million quests were completed in over 200,000 hours of combined playing time in the game world of Taborea. These numbers underline the relevance of quests and immersive background story in the MMORPG developed by Runewaker Entertainment.

"We will systematically analyse the feedback of the high number of players in the coming weeks and use it to give Runes of Magic the final polish for the official release in the first quarter of 2009,” welcomed Daniel Ullrich, Director of Product Management, the active participation of the players. The beta is now open to all interested players and the game can be downloaded free of charge after a short registration on www.runesofmagic.com.

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