10 Years Of Asheron's Call

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Can you believe Asheron's Call is still running 10 years after its November 2nd, 1999 release? Turbine can, and it's celebrating in style with events throughout the day for the diehard fans still grinding away.


It's hard to believe it's been 10 years since the world of Dereth first opened up to the masses, unless you look at screenshots, in which case it's extremely believable. When launched it completely failed to steal away huge numbers of players from Sony Online Entertainment's EverQuest, which released earlier that year. I played a little bit of AC when the game first launched, though real life saved me from getting too hooked, and I soon moved on to other things. The game is still soldiering on, with the most recent live event introducing a new crafting profession to the game in Gearcraft, which is a fancy way of saying engineering.

In celebration of today's anniversary, Turbine will be holding live events in the game all day long, which I would imagine should draw in record numbers of new and returning players. Granted record numbers isn't that much for AC at this point, but hell, the game outlasted its own sequel by four years, so you have to give respect where it's due.

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I spent more than two years playing AC back when it came out, and actually managed to inadvertently contribute to the in-game canon. Not sure if the story is still around in game (it would be in the Cragstone library if it is) but here's my dubious contribution to the game:


Oh, and by the way...

Boo Rithwic! #asheronscall