10 Years Ago Today, One of Video Games' Most Amazing Feats Happened

Evo Moment 37 happened a decade ago. That means we're all older and, hopefully, wiser. The Daigo Parry hasn't aged at all, though. It's still one of the most incredible showcases of skill ever seen in video games.

When Daigo Umehara's Ken deflected more than a dozen rapid-fire attacks from Justin Wong's Chun Li in a Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike match during the 2004 EVO Championships, the world of competitive video games changed forever. Umehara became a pro gaming celebrity, going on to earn world records and write a book about life.


The Daigo Parry was broken down in an impressive infographic, immortalized in an anime and then got a book written about it. Though Umehara had a disappointing early exit in this year's EVO—whereas Wong had an amazing comeback and won it all in the Marvel vs. Capcom tourney—he's still an icon to millions of gamers worldwide.

Let's all watch it again. Damn.

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