Gabe Newell. John Carmack. The creators of Uncharted 2, Scribblenauts, Farmville. Even Penny Arcade. I interviewed a parade of award-winners backstage at the Game Developers Choice Awards. And I wanted to make sure these post-awards interviews were not dull.

We talked about everything from PlayStation Move and Farmville: The Movie to a major sequel that needs a name and Half-Life 2: Episode 3.

And, with each developer (or Penny Arcade person), we talked some Pokemon. Yes, I was consulting with some of gaming's top minds to prepare myself for a Pokemon challenge that I accepted from a peer of mine at MTV News.

Check out the short video interviews with each of these creators at the links below:

Monaco Award-Winner Celebrates, Warns Of Potential Nut-Kicking


Victorious Torchlight Creators Like The Idea Of Torchlight 2

Exultant Farmville Developer Is Only Joking About A Farmville Movie, Right?


Scribblenauts Inventor Needs A Name For The Sequel

Honored Penny Arcade Creators Offer Me Some Advice


Valve's Gabe Newell Predicts Gaming's Future, Not Talking About "Episode Three"

Proud Batman: Arkham Asylum Art Director Working Hard On Next Game


John Carmack Has Three Lifetime Achievement Awards, No Early iPad

Uncharted 2 Creators Tip Hats To Killzone 2, Celebrate Lots Of Wins


Flower Creators: No New Games This Year, Intrigued By PlayStation Move

Congratulations to all of the people I interviewed for their Game Developers Choice and Independent Games Festival Awards. And, thank you. I couldn't have done these backstage interviews without you. Or, if I did, they would have been even more occasionally awkward and definitely less fun and (slightly) newsy.


Videos shot by Adam Barenblat for Kotaku.