Monaco Award-Winner Celebrates, Warns Of Potential Nut-Kicking

Andy Schatz won the top award at the Independent Games Festival for Monaco, a wonderful four-player heist game. Backstage after the win, Kotaku learned Monaco's future, why Schatz might kick someone in the nuts, and ... I got Pokemon tips.


This is one of a series of Kotaku video interviews with many of the award-winners and special honorees from the Game Developers Choice Awards. Check out the rest of our GDC Backstage clips, featuring the creators of some of the world's best video games.

(This clip is the odd one out, in that it features the Seumas McNally Prize winner for the sister awards event of Game Developers Conference Week, the Independent Games Festival.)


Video shot by Adam Barenblat for Kotaku.

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Nikhil Rishi Blackwell

Of all the clips to flip horizontally, why did they pick one with constant text in the background?