This guy isn’t a synth, as you can see when FluffyNinjaLlama loots the impersonator’s body. This, of course, only makes things weirder. And I love how Preston doesn’t even react to it if he’s with you, either!


Synths, Attempting To Murder Their Human Counterpart

I wonder how many “kidnappings” in the Commonwealth were actually brutal showdowns between a human and their clone? A chilling thought, spurred by this clip uploaded by John Souders.


The Clueless Robot

I feel bad for this Mr. Gutsy. He was just doing his job! (Source: Sangrin Dunkaroonie)


The Brahmin Synth

What is wrong with the Institute, honestly? What’s the point of this? What’s the point of any of it!? (Source: funkacola)


The Scam Artist

Well, I will give it to this guy. It’s not a terrible idea.

Deathclaw Dialogue

I was too terrified to get this close to the Deathclaw in this mission. But, according to this footage by FluffyNinjaLlama, there is actually unique Deathclaw dialogue!


The Threesome Offer

Piper just had to be the Ashley Williams of Fallout 4, didn’t she? (Source: FluffyNinjaLlama).


The BioShock Nod

A little girl, traveling all alone in the wasteland...well, except for her giant murder robot. Oh, and she’s a shopkeeper, too! (Source: Dastardlydeviant)


The Sandwich Debate

Oh, not this shit again. (Source: Minister Of Hygiene)

Manta Man

Get a load of this guy. I hear you get special dialogue if you encounter Manta Man while dressed as the Silver Shroud, too. (Source: Binocular Goose)


I’m curious: what’s the most absurd thing you’ve encountered in Fallout 4 thus far?

(Top image:OfficialDuckStudios)