Yeesh, DeeboDB’s channel. This is funny but harsh! Judging from the popularity of this other clip, I’m guessing fervent teabagging of hero characters is going to be a thing. Then again, when is teabagging not a thing? The difference now is that it is happening to iconic Star Wars characters.


The Player Who Destroyed Two AT-ATs But Still Lost

This would have sent me raging, Jonathan Davis. Hopefully it gives you some solace to know that you tried your best. We all know how difficult it is to get the Rebels to destroy even one AT-AT!


The Luke Skywalker Who Got Crushed

I can only imagine how much Zephs freaked out when they saw Luke coming straight at them...only to have THIS happen. Amazing.


The Darth Vader With Bad Timing

Mark Dennison finds one of the most anti-climactic ways to end a match. Aww.

The Pod That Came Outta Nowhere

For most people, pods are pinatas containing goodies or vessels to defend at all costs. Not for realmadrid1417, though.


The Stormtrooper With Horrible Aim

Xerator finds that Battlefront is just like the movies in the silliest of ways.

The Hero That Never Was

DRL93 discovers a pretty crummy way to die.

The AT-AT That Does What It Wants

Odin’s Destroyer finds out that, unlike puppies, AT-ATs cannot be tamed or reasoned with.


The Victory Celebration

The Gamer Ark has an explosive time after winning the match.

Bye, Vader