The Angry Video Game Nerd's Mike Matei knows the Super Nintendo better than I did and spends a half hour in this video showcasing 10 obscure SNES games that I've never seen. These games seem very cool.

His 10 obscure SNES gems:

10. Rock and Roll Racing
9. Hagane
8. Knights of the Round
7. Magic Sword
6. Run Saber
5. Space Megaforce
4. The King of Dragons
3. Demon's Crest
2. Firepower 2000
1. Wild Guns

Don't get too upset if he excluded an old, obscure favorite of yours. Matei talks about several more games than those 10 and explains why he's excluded a few others. Plus, he offers some non-piracy methods for downloading some of these games to modern consoles. This is a good video and a reminder to me that, no, Act Raiser was not obscure at all. It was fun, but... obscure? No way.

Top 10 Obscure SNES Gems by Mike Matei Super Nintendo [YouTube]