1,700 Games Flood iPhone

See it’s not just us. Apparently everyone is into their iPhone for games as much as we are, well at 25 percent of iPhone owners have downloaded a game for the device. Sure that’s really not even close to everyone, but it sure as heck beats out cellphones which, according to a recent survey, can only say that six percent of owners have downloaded a game. Game developers have created nearly 1,700 games for the iPhone since its release, according to an article in the Los Angeles Times today. That’s more than twice the number available in the App Store’s second biggest category.The article goes on to quote Neil Young, who left EA to form an iPhone gaming start-up which recently released MazeFinger and Topple.

"I found that my iPhone was never very far away from me," Young said. "I was constantly checking e-mail, downloading apps, playing games, browsing the Internet. My personal usage was measurably different from any phone or game machine I've ever had before. It led me to think that there was a dramatically new market opportunity for gaming on a unique mobile device."


While I’m a long-time supporter of the iPhone and its many ingenious games, I do think they’re quickly approaching the same problem Microsoft ran into with the Xbox Live Arcade. It’s great to have every developer on the planet wanting to put games out for your platform, but if you don’t have some sort of filter it won’t take long before it’s impossible to find the proverbial needle in the haystack of bad games and rip-offs. Hopefully Apple will wake up to that issue before it’s too late. IPhone users love their video games [LA Times]

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