$1,000 Bounty Offered For Mario 64 Glitch

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Mario fan and glitch hunter extraordinaire Pannenkoek2012 has a contract for you, Witcher: if you can recreate and record a weird hiccup he recently saw on Twitch, he’ll give you $1000.


Streamer DOTA_TeaBag caught the glitch, seemingly by accident, in a video taken during a run of Super Mario 64’s Tick Tock Clock stage. As you can see in the video below (and which Pannenkoek2012 so helpfully explains), it’s a weird little thing, something Mario 64 fans have never seen before.

Normally, if Mario is going to randomly move up or down, it’s down (or a “downwarp”). There’s only one noted spot in the game where you “upwarp”, and it’s totally different to the example captured in this clip.


This all sounds minor, but for people who are speedrunning through these games (or just super into them), it’s a big deal! Plus there’s just the general curiosity of discovering something new in a game that’s been out for nearly twenty years.

If you feel like taking a shot, here are the conditions:

The submission should be a .m64 and .st file, which when played perform the glitch. To submit, you can zip up these files, upload to TinyUpload.com, and then send me the link in a comment or private message. The bounty will hold until the first person successfully submits a recreation of the glitch, at which point I will add the word [CLAIMED] to the end of this video’s title, and then no one else will be eligible for the prize.

(via Phediuk @ NeoGAF)

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couple more notes: the original video’s glitch was done on the Japanese version(might be helpful to some if they want to use japanese version), and a save with the access to the right course was provided for those who want to attempt to reproduce the glitch.