Signs of a PlayStation 4 Shooter We May Never Play and a Vita One Made Too Quickly

Editor's Note: The mysterious figure known as Superannuation is back with more fistfuls of gaming gossip about the people who made SOCOM, a mystery Crytek project and...more Dead Rising?. What has Superannuation dug from the Internet this time to share with you wonderful Kotaku readers? Read on. »6/27/12 1:00pm6/27/12 1:00pm

SOCOM Studio Hit With Layoffs; Sony Calls them Routine

Scuttlebutt has it that the Sony Computer Entertainment studio Zipper Interactive, maker of combat shooters MAG and the SOCOM series, lost several employees in a round of layoffs today. Reached for comment, a Sony spokesperson confirmed layoffs at Zipper, characterizing them as "normal business practice and a result… »5/19/11 12:27am5/19/11 12:27am