YouTube Copyright Nonsense Hitting Yet Another Community: Hatsune Miku Fans

Sega released a trailer yesterday for the new Hatsune Miku game, Project Diva X, but if you live in the United States, it’s blocked on YouTube. This isn’t new. Rather, it’s part of an unfortunate but increasingly predictable pattern of Japanese companies butting heads with the world’s largest video service. »Yesterday 3:30pm11/30/15 3:30pm

YouTube's Finally Starting To Change Their Disastrous Copyright System

If you publish videos on YouTube, it’s a chance to share creations with an enormous audience. But thanks to a legal system stacked in favor of corporations, it’s also a treacherous landscape where a copyright takedown notice can result in your channel getting deleted. Now, YouTube is fighting back. »11/19/15 11:34am11/19/15 11:34am

Atlus Keeps Hitting Tiny YouTube Channels With Copyright Strikes, Then Reversing Them

A player by the name of Linsneakers runs a YouTube channel with a humble 23 subscribers. A few days ago, they announced the channel was going on hiatus because of a copyright strike for a Persona 4: Dancing All Night video. They aren’t alone. In the past week, Persona publisher Atlus has been on a YouTube tear. »10/26/15 4:00pm10/26/15 4:00pm