YouTube's Finally Starting To Change Their Disastrous Copyright System

If you publish videos on YouTube, it’s a chance to share creations with an enormous audience. But thanks to a legal system stacked in favor of corporations, it’s also a treacherous landscape where a copyright takedown notice can result in your channel getting deleted. Now, YouTube is fighting back. »11/19/15 11:34am11/19/15 11:34am


Atlus Keeps Hitting Tiny YouTube Channels With Copyright Strikes, Then Reversing Them

A player by the name of Linsneakers runs a YouTube channel with a humble 23 subscribers. A few days ago, they announced the channel was going on hiatus because of a copyright strike for a Persona 4: Dancing All Night video. They aren’t alone. In the past week, Persona publisher Atlus has been on a YouTube tear. »10/26/15 4:00pm10/26/15 4:00pm