Mario & Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move leads the march of digital offerings for Nintendo hardware this week. The line-up also includes old-school games like Xevious and Solomon’s Key. Here’s the full list. » 5/09/13 10:40am 5/09/13 10:40am

Report: Namco Ignored Programmer's Mental Health. Programmer Committed…

Mr. N fell in love with Namco's space shooter Xevious. On his job application, Mr. N wrote that from the moment he played Xevious as a junior high school student, he knew he wanted to make games. And he knew Namco was the company for him. » 1/26/12 4:30am 1/26/12 4:30am

The Four Video Games That Shaped Metal Gear Creator Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear series—which turns 25 next year—says he's drawn influence from four video games above all others. They are four very different games, each "very important" he says. What are they? » 10/05/11 9:30pm 10/05/11 9:30pm

The Nintendo Download Teases Downloadable Videos to Come

One of these days, when we least expect it, the Nintendo eShop will update and the new Nintendo Video app will be available for download. Until then, it's simply a placeholder in this week's Nintendo Download. » 7/21/11 12:40pm 7/21/11 12:40pm

Nerd Gold for Your Shelves

At the recent Treasure Festa figure event in Japan, collectibles were on show and for sale. Some were one-off, while others are upcoming production models. All were awesome. » 5/13/11 6:00am 5/13/11 6:00am

Smoke Retro With Namco's Game Zippo Lighters

Namco Bandai's Zippo lighters may not hold a candle to similar—okay, far superior—recent combustible offerings from Sega, but if you're a huge Xevious fan, Banpresto has a lighter for you, buddy. » 11/04/09 6:40pm 11/04/09 6:40pm

Namco Bandai Launches Namco Sounds On iTunes

The music of Pac-Man, SoulCalibur, and Xevious are now waiting to be nestled gently within your iPod, courtesy of Namco Bandai's newly-launched iTunes music label, Namco Sounds. » 9/02/09 2:00pm 9/02/09 2:00pm

Namco Museum Essentials Brings Namco Bandai Home

Namco Museum Essentials is coming to the PlayStation Network net month, bringing with it an updated version of arcade classic shooter Xevious and a Namco Bandai space in PlayStation Home. » 6/17/09 3:20pm 6/17/09 3:20pm

XEVIOUS Resurrected In PlayStation Home

Namco Bandai is ready to roll out NamcoMuseum.comm in PlayStation Home. Included in it is a new version of classic shooter XEVIOUS called XEVIOUS Resurrection. » 1/29/09 7:00am 1/29/09 7:00am