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Five Games That Matter In Hideo Kojima's Life

Illustration for article titled Five Games That Matter In Hideo Kojimas Life

Five games that made an impact on the life of Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima? According to the famed game designer:

Super Mario Bros.

Portopia Renzoku Satsujin Jiken


Another World

Metal Gear Solid


This list comes from a Yomiuri Newspaper article called "All About Kojima Hideo" dated June 11th. We haven't seen the full article (only that picture we found on a Yomiuri blog), and the English translation of Yomiuri article glosses over these five games and what they mean to him. From the pic we found, it certainly appears as though Kojima explained how they affected him.

Hide-and-seek with Hideo Kojima [Yoimuri]

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Brian Ashcraft

@DukeOfPwn: Really? Most Japanese gamers his age were at one point really into Xevious...