Zynga Boosts Its Mobile Lineup With New FarmVille, Words With Friends

In a special note today to players thanking them for six years of support, Zynga chief operating officer Clive Downie revealed three new mobile titles soon to be released worldwide, including a FarmVille 2 game that's completely different from its Facebook counterpart. » 3/03/14 11:30am 3/03/14 11:30am

Those With Friends Games Sound Like a Fine Place to Find Yourself a…

I guess Words with People You Want to Hook Up With was just too long a title. In honor of the day before discount candy, Zynga has crafted an infographic to demonstrate what a hotbed of flirting the "With Friends" franchise really is. Who uses the chat function of a mobile game to hit on people? » 2/14/13 2:55pm 2/14/13 2:55pm

The Words with Friends Craze Justified By One Perfect Piece of Clothing

No matter how you feel about the popular social/mobile game Words with Friends, you have to appreciate a property that spawns a piece of art in which Cobra Commander shoots Captain Planet through the chest as Shredder, Boba Fett, Skeletor, the Terminator and a Dalek look on. » 1/30/13 9:55am 1/30/13 9:55am

From the Bustling City to the Wild Frontier, Zynga Spreads Toys for…

Zynga has given millions of Facebook gamers free toys to play with. Now it's time to spread the love. Today Zynga launches "Oh, What Fun!", a digital charity drive for Toys for Tots, spread across seven popular social games. » 11/28/12 8:50am 11/28/12 8:50am

This is What Happens When You Cross Scrabble with Tron's Light Cycles

The rise of Words with Friends has brought the slow and plodding casual word game genre into the spotlight. With Lexatron, Fictorial's Brian Hammond seeks to add a little excitement to the scene with a keen competitive twist. » 10/02/12 8:55am 10/02/12 8:55am

Hasbro's CityVille, FarmVille, Words with Friends and Draw Something

Come Monday, October 1 the agreement between toy maker Hasbro and game maker Zynga finally bears fruit (and vegetables), as physical games based on digital favorites hit store shelves. Who's up for some Hungry Hungry Farmville? » 9/26/12 3:55pm 9/26/12 3:55pm

Questionable Words With Friends

I sometimes play Words With Friends » 2/17/12 8:02pm 2/17/12 8:02pm, and I play it the way I play : using words that a) I know and that b) I'm sure are words normal people would use.

Survey: There's a 1 in 10 Chance Words With Friends Will Get You Some…

We all know that the "social" space has changed the dating scene. Facebook has thrown all sorts of new tools and little wrinkles our way. » 2/14/12 11:30am 2/14/12 11:30am

Words With Friends Ends With Marriage Between Friends

Megan Lawless and Jasper Jasperse didn't meet at a party, or through friends, or via a dating service. They met as random opponents over social game Words With Friends. » 1/04/12 3:00am 1/04/12 3:00am

The Video Game That Made Alec Baldwin Quit Twitter

Ultimately it was an iPhone game, not political grousing, hackers or public tweets of affection that led actor and Twitteratti Alec Baldwin to quit the social networking service. » 12/08/11 5:40pm 12/08/11 5:40pm

Oh Come on American, Let the Famous Television Actor Have His Words…

Accompanied by the hash tag #nowonderamericaairisbankrupt, 30 Rock star and certified Baldwin Alec voiced his displeasure with American Airlines' strict no fun policy. [Twitter] » 12/06/11 6:20pm 12/06/11 6:20pm

Words With Friends Takes On Your Facebook Friends

Zynga's scrabble-style word game, Words With Friends is coming to Facebook. Words With Friends will carry over all of the features and functionality from the Android and iOS versions while adding social features. This is the first time Zynga has moved one of their mobile games to Facebook, not the other way around. » 8/01/11 2:00pm 8/01/11 2:00pm

There Are No Words to Describe Cross-Platform Mobile Scrabble

Scrabble fans might want to sit down before reading this news. During EA's live summer preview event, EA Mobile demonstrated a live round of Scrabble played across four different platforms: iPad, iPhone, Android, and Facebook. You're probably floored right now. Catch your breath and read on. » 7/07/11 4:52pm 7/07/11 4:52pm

Zynga Releases Their Take on Hangman, Hanging with Friends

Zynga announced that their next With Friends game, Hanging with Friends will begin going live today on iOS. The game, the follow-up Zynga's social Scrabble look-alike Words with Friends, Hanging with Friends is Zynga's take on another classic game, hangman. » 6/07/11 11:38am 6/07/11 11:38am

How Farmville Can Ruin Words With Friends

Zynga, the social games powerhouse behind games like Farmville, made a significant purchase today, scooping up Newtoy, the developers of super-popular iPhone game Words With Friends. » 12/03/10 3:30am 12/03/10 3:30am

FarmVille People Now Own Words With Friends People

Zynga, the company behind FarmVille and the brand-new CityVille loved the 23-person company Newtoy so much that they said today that they've bought them. Newtoy? They make Words With Friends, just about the best game on iPad. » 12/02/10 12:40pm 12/02/10 12:40pm

The iPad's Best Free Games Right Now

You spent enough money on that shiny new iPad. You shouldn't have to pay for games as well. Here's a selection of the finest free gaming the iPad has to offer. » 11/08/10 2:00pm 11/08/10 2:00pm