Zynga Releases Their Take on Hangman, Hanging with Friends

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Zynga announced that their next With Friends game, Hanging with Friends will begin going live today on iOS. The game, the follow-up Zynga's social Scrabble look-alike Words with Friends, Hanging with Friends is Zynga's take on another classic game, hangman.


The game seems very similar to the pad-and-paper version of Hangman, but uses the With Friends user interface to allow for a quick, social experience. HwF adds the ability for guessing players to get hints, watch instant replay of matches, and create customizable avatars to hang.

Similar to Words, Hanging with Friends will have free and paid versions. Presumably the format will be the same. The free version will have ads and the premium version will not.


Hanging with Friends is available on iOS in Canada today, with a global release following shortly.

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Hanging With Friends isn't bad - not as deep as Words with Friends, but much easier to play and probably much more accessible.

You actually gain some kind of in-game currency in this one. I'm sure Zynga's monetization team is going to have a field day with this one.

I don't know why Zynga keeps getting so much hate. It's like so many people think Zynga is stuck in 2009-Zynga. At least on iOS, they haven't done much wrong.