Yes, This Nazi-Killing Video Game Hero Was Of Jewish Descent

There's been speculation for more than two decades that the hero of the iconic Wolfenstein first-person shooter games—B.J. Blazkowicz, the guy who you use to machine gun hordes of Nazis—was Jewish. But the game's creators have long been coy about the character's origins. Not so much anymore. » 3/03/14 12:45pm 3/03/14 12:45pm

New Wolfenstein Trailer Shows Nazis in the White House and on the Moon …

What if the Beatles were Nazis? That’s just one of the questions that live-action+CG+gameplay trailer for the Wolfenstein: The New Order reboot brings up. The clip has some fun perverting some of the 20th Century’s best known photographs and shows us that the Nazis’ domination over the rest of the world is pretty… » 6/06/13 10:15am 6/06/13 10:15am

Is This Nazi-Killing Video Game Hero Jewish? Maybe.

In the upcoming, ass-kicking video game Wolfenstein: The New Order, the Polish protagonist B. J. Blazkowicz encounters a gray-haired Nazi officer named Engel. Blazkowicz is undercover, posing as a Nazi underling. The officer compliments Blazkowicz on his Aryan features and then puts him to the test. She says she wants… » 5/29/13 1:00pm 5/29/13 1:00pm

New Wolfenstein Screens Show That Life is Hell When Nazis Run Things

This batch of screens and artwork is the first real sight we’re getting of the newly reimagined world of the Wolfenstein franchise. So what’s going in them? Oh, just a sassy septuagenarian officer, Nazi robot dogs and hints that the Third Reich wants to conquer space. » 5/14/13 1:00pm 5/14/13 1:00pm