The Wii U Might Be Too Little, Too Late

In 2005, Nintendo showed off the controller for its then-upcoming home console at the Tokyo Game Show. The console was still codenamed the Revolution, and the motion controller was nothing short of just that. The debut blew people's minds. You could feel it in the room. » 6/09/11 5:30am 6/09/11 5:30am

No Full Body Protective Suits For You, Kinect Players!

When the Wii was launched, gamers got hurt. They whacked their TVs, their friends and themselves with the Wii Remote, which prompted Nintendo to make a protective jacket for the remotes. Likewise, Kinect players are getting hurt. » 11/12/10 6:00am 11/12/10 6:00am

Apple Engineers "Totally Wrong", Nintendo Misjudged Excitement and Other …

This morning iPhone owners woke to a very unusual thing: An apology letter from Apple. » 7/02/10 11:00am 7/02/10 11:00am

The straps included with the Wii Remote were too thin, sometimes when a player's grip on the controller slipped while playing a game. This lead to several documented cases of injuries and damages. The…