Weekly Wii Update: Dangeresque Bean Bag Invaders

It's time for your Monday Wii update, and this week we get an excellent example of the range of Nintendo's WiiWare program. On one hand, we have Strong Bad Episode 4: Dangeresque 3 » 11/17/08 10:40am 11/17/08 10:40am (1,000 points), the latest in Telltale's excellent series of adventure games based on the characters from , and on the other, bean bag…

Weekly Nintendo Update: Yummy Yummy Mega Man 3

It's Monday morning, and we all know what that means! More joy and goodness delivered straight to your Nintendo Wii entertainment system, courtesy of the young sprightly elves who handle WiiWare and their older, more jaded Virtual Console counterparts. Despite the Virtual Console's strong showing this week with Mega… » 11/10/08 10:40am 11/10/08 10:40am

Weekly Wii Update - Space Harrier, Alien Crush, And Interior Design?

This week in Nintendo Wii downloadables, two classic franchises make their triumphant return, and if neither tickles your fancy you can always take a crash course in interior design. That's right, in addition to good old Space Harrier » 11/03/08 11:20am 11/03/08 11:20am for the Sega Master System (500 points) and Hudson's classic pinball title reborn…