Weekly Nintendo Update: Rock Out With Wonder Boy

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It's something old and something new this week in Wii downloadables, as Nintendo releases one rockin' classic virtual console title and one rollin' WiiWare game to their line-up.


First up this week, Bplus brings Niki - Rock 'n' Ball to WiiWare for 500 points, a throwback to the arcade games of old in which all you have to do is vanquish your enemies, move on to the next level, and then vanquish more enemies. Niki rolls through magical lands, collecting pearls and taking out baddies in the time-honored tradition of every other arcade character who has done so.

On the the Virtual Console this week we have the Sega Master System classic, Wonder Boy in Monster Land, the sequel to the original Wonder Boy with powers comparable to those of Wonder Boy!



Jan. 26, 2009

You'll find plenty of monsters in your midst this week, courtesy of the Wii™ Shop Channel. A brand new WiiWare™ game invites you to battle an army of deceptively cute creatures, while a classic Virtual Console™ release pits players against ferocious foes and fire-breathing dragons. Think you've got what it takes to defeat these outrageous beasts? Grab a Wii Remote™ controller and get busy.


Nintendo adds new and classic games to the Wii Shop Channel at 9 a.m. Pacific time every Monday. Wii owners with a high-speed Internet connection can redeem Wii Points™ to download the games. Wii Points can be purchased in the Wii Shop Channel or at retail outlets. This week's new games are:


Niki - Rock 'n' Ball (Bplus, 1-2 players, Rated E for Everyone-Comic Mischief, 500 Wii Points): Are you in love with those unforgettable arcade classics where the only goal is to vanquish all opponents to reach the next stage? Niki - Rock 'n' Ball is a new interpretation of those games with a completely innovative and unique gaming mechanism. Roll along with Niki through fantastic worlds, find all the ZeLeLi pearls, and liberate your village from cuddly-yet-evil monsters before it's too late. Timing is everything. Jump in the nick of time to avoid landing amid barbs. Hop across the stages thanks to the realistic gaming physics. Snap on the ZeLeLi amulet, transform yourself into Niki Rock, and force even the most obstinate monster to its knees. Explore all the stages and win valuable medals while dribbling through them, alone or with a friend. Use familiar controls in Retro style, or experience novel controls in the Wii style.


Virtual Console

Wonder Boy™ in Monster Land™ (SEGA MASTER SYSTEM, 1 player, Rated E for Everyone-Alcohol Reference, Mild Cartoon Violence, 500 Wii Points): After the defeat of the evil king, the kingdom of Wonder Land was a paradise…for a time. The peace was broken when a ferocious, fire-breathing dragon struck without warning and took over Wonder Land with a swarm of evil, monstrous henchmen, turning the once-peaceful land into the utterly chaotic Monster Land. Unable to fight, the people now look to Wonder Boy. Realizing that he is Wonder Land's last hope, Wonder Boy sets out on an incredible journey to rid the country of the monsters and defeat the "invincible" evil dragon. Guide Wonder Boy through various environments and dungeons, and defeat enemies using Special Weapons and Spells.


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I somehow get the feeling that the WONDERBOY~ game isn't as awesome as the Tenacious D song. How is that game?