Aaron Hernandez's Appearance in NCAA 14 Will Be Brief, says EA Sports

As much as I wanted to say Aaron Hernandez, the NFL star facing murder charges, is free and unlocked (heh heh)—in NCAA Football 14—that ain't the case. Some are seeing his card pop up if they get a gold medal in one of the events of the game's new Nike Skills Trainer. Here's what's going on, according to EA Sports. »7/08/13 11:30am7/08/13 11:30am

Here is the Worst Sports Theme of All Time, Video Game or Otherwise

It is 2006. You are 2K Sports, the newly created challenger to EA Sports »5/24/12 9:00pm5/24/12 9:00pm. You've been cleaved from Sega, bought up by Take-Two, given an exclusive license to make Major League Baseball games. You're young and ready, lean and hungry, ready to establish a new order. The title card announcing games under the new 2K…