Why 2014's Battlefield Is 'Just Avoiding' Uncomfortable Topics

Adding police to a series about large-scale warfare can create some... odd scenes. At the E3 demo for EA's mega-budget cops and robbers game Battlefield Hardline, we saw action more commonly relegated to a warzone. Countless explosions and military-grade weaponry in the streets to stop a... truck robbery. »6/19/14 8:56pm6/19/14 8:56pm

The Void Between Worlds Still Looks Like a Scary Place in Dead Space 3

Isaac Clarke's return to consoles may have co-op missions waiting for players when Dead Space 3 comes out next year. But EA still wants us to think that the third entry in their sci-fi horror franchise is going to be a frightening experience. Hence, these screens. I don't know if shivers are running down your spines… »10/10/12 12:15pm10/10/12 12:15pm