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What Does Battlefield Hardline Have That Battlefield 4 Doesn't?

Battlefield Hardline is still a long way off, but we can get a look at what's different from Battlefield 4 in this video from Levelcapgaming. Ziplines! Grappling hooks! Tasers!


Some of the highlights I liked:

  • Instead of a default knife, you'll have a nightstick or a baseball bat, which you can use to choke out enemies from behind and "interrogate" them to show enemy positions on the minimap
  • Tasers also allow you to non-lethally subdue enemies for an interrogation, or kill them if you zap them long enough
  • Tear gas grenades allow you to cause some damage to players caught in it while also blurring their vision and decreasing their accuracy
  • Grappling hooks and ziplines completely change how you get to and from rooftop positions, and you can shoot them while they're being used to drop people to their deaths

Of course the gadgets aren't the only new thing in Hardline, the new game mode Blood Money is a nice twist on capture the flag:

We still have a lot to see from Hardline, but it'll be interesting to see what else they do to try and differentiate from the basic Battlefield gameplay.

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Petey Wheatstraw The Devil Son in law

I have to say I've been playing these battlefield games since BF1942 beta YEARS ago every BF launch fucking was pretty bad ,Bad company 2 wouldn't let most people even get into a game from the main menu on release BF2 had some of the most over powered vehicles in the series at launch(fuck that commander system as well). After playing beta this is the smoothest Battlefield beta I've ever been in, I hope it stays that way and they fix the clipping issues. Blood money is one of the best game modes I've played in Battlefield, the new modes really get you into the action I can't emphasize that enough, plus fighting off the rafters on sky scrapers is insane.