Nike Stuck a Sonic Minigame in its Strange Web Ad

Yesterday, Nike's football division—that would be football football, not American football—cranked up "My Time is Now," which looks like the big campaign it'll have going during UEFA Euro 2012 in about three weeks. It shows a soccer pitch, the locker room, a team dinner all overrun by ordinary joes. OK, I get all that. » 5/19/12 12:00pm 5/19/12 12:00pm

"I'm the Best Man. I Did It." Viral Freestyler Eli Porter Gets His Own Documentary, "People's Champion"

Remember Eli Porter? You probably wouldn't by name. But he's the kid who went viral in the "Iron Mic" freestyle competition with the famous "I'm the best man. I did it." line. And for some reason filmmakers Trent Babbington and Walker Warren decided to make a documentary about that moment—and I'm glad they did. » 7/19/11 12:00pm 7/19/11 12:00pm

Homefront Balloons Don't Fly in San Francisco [Update]

A Homefront promotion for the Game Developers Conference involved releasing hundreds of red balloons in the downtown of one of the most environmentally conscious cities in America. Many floated into its neighboring bay. Bad idea? Yeah, you could say that. [Update] GameStop has released a statement, saying publisher… » 3/02/11 8:00pm 3/02/11 8:00pm