Prankster Takes Mario Kart to the Streets of France

by nqtv

Famed french prankster Remi Gaillard took to the road in a little cart recently to act out a real life (and potential death) version of Mario Kart.

In the video Gaillard can be seen tossing bananas under the tires of nearby cars and motorcycles. Gaillard also apparently tries to ditch some cops at one point. Funny stuff, and extra points for not losing any limbs.

Daily Motion [Via NoWhereElse]

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Bearded Bastard

its not litering. its food or biowaste. anyways, i loved it i like when the one guy actually tried avoiding the banana and then starting yerlling or talking to him out the window.

and yes those karts can go fairly fast, i doubt the police caught up with him, if they did, im sure it was from anopther cop pulling hhim over asking wtf was going on