EA's $15 Million in 'Online Pass' Revenue Isn't 'Dramatic', but It Isn't a Failure

In comments yesterday, Electronic Arts' chief financial officer suggested that Online Pass—the program under which gamers who pick up a used copy of an EA Sports game typically shell out another $10 to EA if they want to activate multiplayer for it—has netted the company in the realm of $10 to $15 million since it was… »9/10/11 3:00pm9/10/11 3:00pm

Cumming Mom Vows Only to Buy New After Finding Dick Pic in Used Game

From Georgia, uh, comes the most pernicious piece of anti-used games propaganda I've ever seen. A mother of two small children says she will from now on buy new games because she found a hand-drawn pornographic picture inserted in the case of a used one bought at GameStop. The kicker? This all went down on in a town… »9/03/11 12:00pm9/03/11 12:00pm