Killzone: Shadow Fall Is Out, And All We Can Do Is Sit And Stare

Excited soon-to-be PS4 owners are getting their hands on early copies of Killzone: Shadow Fall. With nothing to play the game on for another two weeks and change, all they can do is sit and stare, discovering all the intricacies, massive hard disk requirements and misspellings the next-generation PlayStation has to… » 10/29/13 7:10pm 10/29/13 7:10pm

You're Just In Time For A Game Boy Micro Unboxing

In 2005, Nintendo shut the door on the original Game Boy with the miniscule Game Boy Micro, a brilliantly-engineered two-by-four-inch rectangle of compromise. It wouldn't run original Game Boy or Game Boy Color titles — just Game Boy Advance games — but boy was it pretty. Many people hated it. I just bought a new… » 5/06/13 8:30am 5/06/13 8:30am

Making a Point About the Pointlessness of Unboxing Videos

Having done only one unboxing - and it was of fried chicken - I feel I may post this video without it being an overt display of my hypocrisy. Unboxing videos have always struck me like childbirth videos, albeit without the blood, umbilical cord, placenta, etc. As YouTube's Cool Gear Reviews notes, they're exciting… » 4/08/11 8:30pm 4/08/11 8:30pm