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Let's Take a Look at the Cool New Limbo Special Edition

Limbo was one of my favorite games of 2010—a game that combined atmospherics, smart puzzle design and a wicked sense of humor into something dark, harrowing and distinctive.


It was a breakout hit for its developer, Playdead, who have recently been able to buy themselves back from their investors and become fully independent. To celebrate, Playdead has released a special limited boxed edition of Limbo that, while probably only for hardcore collectors, is still a very nice package.

Because I really like making videos of me holding stuff at my desk, I made this video to show what you'll get if you drop the $25 on the boxed edition. Yes, that is seriously what it looks like about 40% of the time out my window. (The other 60%, it's quite lovely!) The special edition comes with a DRM-free copy of the game for both Mac and PC, the soundtrack, some neat art cards, an extra steam key, a sticker, and 3D-glasses to use with its 3D mode. The presentation is a big part of the appeal—it's austere and simple, much like the game—no big plastic spider miniatures or anything.


This is definitely only a purchase for hardcore collectors—there's nothing essential here, and most people have already played the game digitally, which you can get for $15 cheaper. All the same, this is a cool package, and it's great to hear that Playdead rode Limbo's success to financial independence. More info on the limbo Special Edition can be found at the Limbo site.

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Wait a minute... there are people who thought Limbo was funny?