Mass Effect 3 Cover Art Has Decidedly Feminine Side

The Femshep love-fest spreads from trailer to box art, as BioWare's official unboxing of the two-disc Xbox 360 version of Mass Effect 3 reveals reversible cover art for fans of Shepard's female form.


Turn the sheet around, got to have my Femshep. Don't turn it upside-down, however, because then the whole song reference falls apart.

I'll be turning this puppy inside-out on day one. Who's with me?

Mass Effect 3: Unboxing [YouTube]



To be honest, I do not get the whole obsession with FemShep. I am a man and prefer to play the game as a male character, not that I have anything against there being a female version of the character, but the whole FemShep is becoming annoyingly overexposed especially here on this site.